Crutches Tipped with Banana Peels: Laugh, Love, Heal

Unlock the Secret Power of Your Funny Bone!Reading this humorous memoir makes you feel you are sitting with the authors in their den as they tell their story. After a few chapters, you know and care about them as if they’re part of your family.Tom and Joan journey on a hilarious but bumpy road. When they hit roadblocks, they find funny detours around their problems. They enjoy being together, even after the bluebird of happiness poops on them a couple times.Joan usually stands on her own two feet, but suddenly can’t. Who will help her? Tom’s caregiving skills are comical though well intentioned. Plus he’s never learned to cook. He struggles with meal prep. So what if he’s peeling carrots with his razor! Laughter helps them cope. Tom had a successful career as a TV comedy writer and producer on Mork and Mindy, Cheers, Saved by the Bell and many others.He serves Joan a lovely breakfast in bed, then breaks her up by handing her a basin of soapy water to wash her dishes. They both know that humor and healing are winning teammates through silly and serious times.After an accident, when extra help is needed quickly, how would you find a competent specialist? Just as you would use a guidebook in a foreign country, their experiences will help you travel through the often bewildering  world of medical care. Relevant tips are included to sort through surprising dilemmas. What do you do if your foot hurts and a doctor says you have three ankles? Should you nod nervously as you might with any disturbed person? Or limp, even crawl to another doctor for a recount?  A former nurse, Joan provides a blueprint to help you prepare, if needed, for surgery and follow-up. She shows you how to set up a comfy nest at home for yourself or someone you love. Imagine all your needs being met while your mind and body heal. Why should your pets be the only ones in the house getting waited on?You deserve some comfort and laughs too. Click “Buy Now” and get your fair share instantly.

Book Details

Book Title: Crutches Tipped with Banana Peels: Laugh, Love, Heal

Book Author: Joan Tenowich,Tom Tenowich

Book Category: -

ISBN: 1734952407