Strategic Money Planning: 8 Easy Ways To Put Your House In Order (Scandlen Sustainable Wealth Series Book 1)

Want to see the chapter by chapter review on Youtube? Click here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQteqISunnQ2hrZDE6wbm-NyiO8QFBwwbBrenda, Kevin and the kids were stuck...Brenda had taken a 20% paycut and was told by her boss she should feel "lucky to still have a job."But they were already living paycheck to paycheck. How were they going to get by with 20% less income?Move. Brenda was offered a great job 6 states away. They'd have to sell the house, though. But they didn't have much equity. The few offers they received were lower than what they owed. Can't sell a house if you can't pay off your loan. And then Brenda was in a wreck. She didn't die but she was hurt...badly. Kevin was not prepared. Things were falling apart.If only,someone, somewhere would have shown them a better way...Could this happen to you? Maybe not. But why take the chance?Do you always seem to have more money going out then coming in? Debt never seems to go down? Costs a lot of money to raise the kids, doesn't it? And you’re supposed to save for retirement! Never mind having this thing called an “emergency fund”. How do you do all this, and pay the bills? What happens if you lose your job, get hurt, or your pay doesn’t keep up with your spending? It’s nerve wracking. I know it. I’ve been there too. And while there are no magical solutions, there are some strategies overlooked by most Americans, and their financial advisors, I share with you. These under-utilized techniques will help you get on the path of financial stability.For instance, we’re told:*** “Never borrow from your 401K!” Why??? Has this ever been modeled or is just boilerplate advice from a financial services industry that gets paid on your account size, without regard to how much debt you have.I model this out and will show you that it’s okay to borrow from your 401k. *** “Get your kids in the best schools!” Once again, we’ll ask why? Has this ever been modeled to validate the higher cost you pay to be in those ‘best schools”? Well, in this book, I model that too. I think you’ll be surprised as to what we find out. *** “Everyone should own a home!”Uh huh. Again, why? Let’s model this out and see the pros and cons of owning vs. renting. *** “It’s safer to have a fixed rate mortgage.” Sometimes it is. Sometimes it is not. We examine this in detail and how it may affect YOU. *** “Leasing a vehicle is a waste of money!” Oh really? Why? Has that ever been modeled relative to YOUR specific situation? Of course not. This is just more boilerplate financial advice. Boilerplate advice is meaningless...to YOU! In this book we will also cover topics like how to greatly reduce your life insurance premiums...if you even NEED life insurance, that is. *** Does your life insurance cover your debt? And I don’t mean your Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) insurance through your employer, that is not true insurance. Not sure? If you died today, what kind of burden would you leave on your spouse and kids? Probably need to look at that, no?*** There is a perception that estate planning is only for people with large assets. Oh, really? Do you have kids? Do you or your spouse have assets in IRAs, 401ks, 403bs or any other of individually-owned accounts?*** What happens to your spouse or children if you get hurt or, Heaven forbid, die? Do you know? I provide examples of what you need to consider about your estate plan that I assure you has been overlooked. In this book, you will find some fruitful nuggets from my 20+ years as a financial advisor to help you get your finances in order.For more information go to my YouTube page where I go over chapter by chapter of the book. https://bit.ly/2slAV7E.Regardless of whether or not you buy the book, I wish you the best in your financial situation. Blessings, Josh

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Book Title: Strategic Money Planning: 8 Easy Ways To Put Your House In Order (Scandlen Sustainable Wealth Series Book 1)

Book Author: Josh Scandlen

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